Safety Tips

Safety Tips

  • Let your family and friends know of your shopping plans and when you will be coming home.

  • Double check your vehicle to make sure it is locked and windows are rolled up. An anti-theft deterrent device such as THE CLUB or an immobilizer should be used to prevent theft of your vehicle.

  • Keep all shopping parcels and other valuables out of sight. This should be done prior to arriving at the mall or any other destination.

  • Never leave children unattended. Always plan ahead with your child, in the event that you become separated. (i.e., where to go for help/or where to meet)

  • Keep purses close to your body. Wallets should be kept in a front pocket. Waist packs are also useful for keeping money in front of you while leaving your hands free for shopping.

  • Keep track of your credit cards. Tear up all carbons and save receipts. Keep a list of all credit card numbers in a safe place.

  • If you are leaving Westbrook Mall and someone approaches you, return to the building and contact Security. Our staff will gladly escort you to your vehicle.

  • Have car keys in hand before you get to your car. When you return to your vehicle, be aware of your surroundings.

  • If you are entering any parking lot and you see someone you think might be threat, stay in your vehicle and drive away.

  • If you see any suspicious activity and/or people, please notify a Westbrook Mall Security Officer or The Administration Office.

       For more information on safety and crime prevention visit:   

                            Crime Stoppers Calgary Police Service

Wednesday 10:00am - 8:00pm

Call (403) 249-0052 (403) 249-0052

Check Holiday Hours